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The Pro in Protein #1

DIET: The body doesn’t store protein like fats and carbohydrates, so it’s important to consume regular protein throughout the day.

The Pro in Protein #2

FITNESS: Protein isn’t just for bodybuilders and athletes, in fact anyone hitting the gym, playing sports, going for runs or doing any other form of workout needs it. When you exercise, you are effectively tearing muscle fibres that then require rest and nutritional support.

The Pro in Protein #3

TONE: Women generally lack the hormones that men have to gain ‘bulk’ easily, so there’s no reason for women to fear protein. When combined with an active lifestyle and fitness regime, high quality protein shakes can help to develop lean muscle mass and give your body that slim, toned look.

The Pro in Protein #4

BODY COMPOSITION: When used to supplement your protein nutritional needs as part of a calorie controlled diet it can aid body composition goals by helping to maintain muscle mass when dieting

The Pro in Protein #5

LIFESTYLE: For many of us, convenience is key. So whilst supplements can’t replace a diet of whole foods, SheProtein is great for women with busy, ‘on the go’ lifestyles and can fit easily within your everyday diet to ensure that you’re keeping protein levels topped up and energy levels regulated.

The Pro in Protein #6

HEALTH: Protein plays a crucial role in almost all biological processes and can have various health benefits beyond fuelling muscles, including aiding blood pressure, boosting the immune system, helping to stabilise blood sugar and insulin levels, as well as promoting healthy skin, hair and nails! 


I started training last July and was always quite put off by the protein shake market, I was unsure of what would work for me and what my requirements were. I did eventually find one I quite liked but after a few uses I really went off the taste, then someone told me about SheProtein. I loved the branding, it really appealed to me so I ordered the Chocolate and Coconut FIT.  I love the products and use them both daily and I would highly recommend the products to any women looking for a new protein shake

Amanda Hargreaves - Cheshire

As a fitness editor, I’ve spent years looking for a protein brand that not only caters for women, but also appeals to women. SheProtein does all that and more. It’s a beautiful and female-friendly brand that supplies the right amount of protein for the female body. Plus, the ladies at SheProtein have considered what busy women need, ensuring that the powder can be stirred into water when on-the-go. It’s even high quality, using cold-pressed whey isolate that boasts a high nutritional profile. And it tastes great. Winner

Sarah Sellens - Fitness Editor