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Why will having more protein stop you reaching for unhealthy snacks?

One of the first signs that your protein levels have dropped is that you are often hungry and craving sugary foods. One of protein's most critical functions is to keep your blood sugar regulated, which means that if you're lacking protein then your glucose levels will be disrupted, encouraging you to reach for a quick fix.

How can protein help with weight loss and weight management?

High-protein foods take more effort for the body to digest, metabolise and use, which means you burn more calories processing them than other food groups. They also take longer to leave your stomach, so you feel fuller sooner and for longer and are less inclined to reach for unnecessary treats.

Why is whey protein important pre and post workout?

Whey contains peptides (protein fragments) that have been suggested to help increase blood flow to muscles, which is particularly helpful before workouts as muscles may receive more oxygen, nutrients and hormones right when they need them most. It is also particularly important post workout for helping muscles to recover.

What makes SheProtein’s Whey Protein Isolate high quality?

Our whey protein is extracted through a cold filtration process that preserves the vital enzymes and beneficial bacteria needed to digest and absorb the protein properly. The majority of other protein powders are extracted through high heat pasteurisation, whereas the low temperatures we use preserve the nutritional benefits.

Why is it important to have regular protein intake?

Our bodies deal with nutrients differently at various times and depending on what activity we do. As we don’t store protein like carbohydrate and fat, we need to ensure that we have a steady intake of protein throughout the day. Key times include when we wake up and before and after exercise.

Why are SheProtein shakes a great addition to your everyday diet? 

While no supplement can replace a diet of natural, unprocessed foods, SheProtein is great for women with a very busy, on-the-go lifestyle and fits in to an everyday diet. While food sources of protein are plentiful, there will come a time in your day when eating a chicken breast or a hard-boiled egg just isn’t convenient, whereas mixing up a shake couldn’t be simpler!