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Co-founders, sisters Geraldine and Jessica Weaver, have created this unique and stylish brand for women. After all, who’s better placed to understand what women want and need than women themselves!

Specially designed for females of all ages, lifestyles and physiques, SheProtein offer high quality nutritional products alongside expert knowledge and support. We don’t just provide premium quality protein, we also help you to understand why you need it and how best to enjoy it as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Best of all they taste great too - fresh, clean and a little bit of what you want when you need it.

Don’t let misinterpretation get in your ‘Whey’!

There’s really no need to be wary of protein powders, or fearful that they are unnatural, unhealthy or the sole preserve of men, athletes and bodybuilders. We want to break through this stigma, ‘shake off the stereotypes’ and offer women something you can identify with, trust in and enjoy nutritional support from.

What many women don’t realise is that not only are they not getting enough protein day to day, they’re also not having it at regular intervals. Unlike supplements in oversized manly tubs, SheProtein is convenient for busy, ‘On the Go’ lifestyles and can fit easily within everyday diets to help you to manage your protein levels.

Leaner. Fitter. Healthier – SheProtein can help you to achieve them all.